Awkward Firsts

Well, this is my first blog post, obviously. I don’t think anybody really knows exactly what to say on their first blog post (or their first date, pre and post first kiss, first crush, e.t.c. (you get the idea)) because firsts can be awkward and new. I truly do not know where to start. I guess I have already started, haven’t I? I think most of you have this curious thought in the back of your heads: why start a blog? Perhaps, that might be a good start to this first blog post: to explain why I’m starting (more like attempting and hoping I will actually keep up with it) this blog.

To start off, I have been reading blogs for quite a while now. There are varieties of blogs I read and I would have the urge to share some aspects of my life and have a place to spit out my thoughts here and there. I couldn’t because I did not have a blog, so that triggered the decision I have made, to start a blog. Ironically, I don’t think I have ever had a “passion” or interest in writing or the like. As a kid, I did not really keep a journal, but I did like to get creative with short letters, making homemade cards, and memory keeping. Although, I feel that typing is different than physically writing on a paper. Typing is faster for me and I get hand cramps easily when I write on paper. No fun.

Second of all, I have things to say (who doesn’t?) and I need an outlet where I can write (or type) anything I want. A blog seemed like a good idea to me. Also, to be frank, there have been multiple times where I have refrained from saying what’s on my mind in fear of being criticized or the like. My mind is my mind and my blog is my blog, so I will put whatever contents I wish to put. We all know we cannot please every single human being on this planet, so why refrain from being heard or expressing your thoughts?

Okay, I am coming off pretty serious right now, but all of my posts will not be filled with serious contents, I can tell you that.  I do not plan on posting regularly. At least, not for now. I will be posting any time I feel like posting.

Anyway, this is my first awkward blog post, which I will look back years from now and tell myself “What the hell were you thinking?” while reading this blog post. As unfortunate as that is, this is me right now, as of November 4th, 2015. My mindset will most likely change later on as it always does. This is what my current thoughts are and what I currently feel like saying and I’m okay with that (maybe blogs will be nonexistent in 2032 whatsoever and I will be 39… A year shy of being 40, holy shit, but you never know).

I’m excited to have a blog, however I don’t know how to feel about it. I think it’s too soon to tell. We will see, I guess.

If you have read thus far, then I don’t know what to say (the motto of every first), except maybe give you a thumbs up.

All the best,
Farrah (I have no clue if this will be my “signature” from now on but this will do for now)


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