Cut it Out!


On Saturday, Von and I went to the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. Von is a lover of all things fair, whereas I am not a big fan of them. Although, I used to love fairs; I’m not quite sure what happened. I would assume I have “outgrown” the craving of attending local fairs. I don’t love it, but I don’t despise it either.

Anyway, despite not being a big fan of fairs, I attended the fair (mostly, it was to make Von happy because I love seeing her happy and making her happy makes me happy :-)). When we pulled into the area where the fair was located, believe it or not, the parking was the easiest part (I had to pay $5 for parking, which wasn’t a big deal, so I don’t really mind). As we got out of the car, we walked to the fair – it was approximately two blocks away – and was dumbfounded to see how terribly long the line was. To put this in perspective, when we arrived, we couldn’t even pinpoint where the line ended…  I am not exaggerating when I say this: the line to get into the fair was approximately half a mile long, it was probably even longer. Von and I walked past along the people waiting in line and it seemed to us that we would never see the end of the line. Miraculously, the line had an ending point and we brought ourselves in the line, wondering how long it will take for us to get to the front. The line was moving at a pretty decent pace, which surprised me. We did not stand in the same place for longer than 2 minutes. About ¾ through, we could see the front nearing us. There were three people in front of us: a lady, a man, and a young girl. It was a mom, her daughter, and the man who was a friend of the mother. As I stated, we were getting close to the front, about ¾ through at this time. Two young girls (who cannot be any older than 17-18) had walked towards where Von and I were standing in line and joined the people that were in front of us. I am confident enough they were not “with-with” them, but for some reason the people in front of us let them “cut” into the line. I shrugged it off because I am not a person who likes to start something. I told myself, “It’s only two extra people in front of us, no big deal.”

At last, we reached the front of the line, paid for our tickets, and proceeded to get into the fair. As expected, it was packed. We decided to grab a bite before getting on the rides since we didn’t have any dinner prior to our arrival. I had a whopping $5 corn dog whereas Von, a $5 slice of pepperoni pizza. After satisfying our hunger, we agreed on the first ride, which unfortunately I cannot remember the name of. The line was long, which fucking sucked, but we are both patient people… kind of. 🙂 As we were both waiting in line to get on the ride, we both noticed a huge group of teenager boys huddling together and attempting to “flow into” the line, but technically it was cutting in line (a long-ass line). Von and I looked at each other and went…
… I was thinking, “Didn’t your mama teach you anything about respect?” and I wanted to say something to them, but once again, I shrugged it off because I was also thinking, “They’re not doing any harm to either one of us, so it’s best to let it go and move on.” I was frustrated, but I reminded myself that I have complete control over my actions, so I chose to ignore it and let Karma do its job. Approximately 10 minutes later of still waiting in line, the person who controlled/worked the ride stated there were two more available spots for anyone to take. I immediately went…
… Thanks to me (but thanks to Karma, too), Von and I got a head start and we were both able to get on. It was our first ride of the night and it was probably the craziest one we rode at the fair. I felt like my heart and brain was constantly being thrown around like garbage. So many twists and turns and upside downs! I was thinking…
… I was already ready for the ride to stop within the first 15 seconds. I hate the feeling of dizziness. It subsided as soon as I got off, though. All good. 🙂

Onto the next ride! This ride was a simple one. It’s where the ride takes approximately 8 people all the way to the top slowly and as soon as the ride reaches the top, it releases and drops the people down as if they were falling. It wasn’t a scary one; it was my favorite ride. I’ve always liked the thrill of that ride. Anyway, the line for this ride wasn’t particularly bad at all! I want you to take a wild guess what happened next. Yup, there was another group of teen boys trying to cut in, again. Every ounce of my being went…
This was the third time in an hour-ish that people tried to cut in line that I was in. Respect was nowhere to be found that night. We were treated with no respect, whatsoever. I made a decision. I insisted on not saying anything, but I insisted on making it acknowledged that I was not going to let it happen. I decided I was going to give them the death stare.
And that is what I did.
And it worked. One of the guys turned his head back and noticed me giving him the death stare. He laughed and turned his head, talking to the group of boys. They all huddled together and left. #Success. 

Below is a picture of Von and I waiting in line for that second ride I mentioned. We were all smiles before the group of teenager boys tried to cut in.  

 We rode one more ride, for a total of three rides we rode that night. It was that packed since we didn’t ride as much as we wished we could have. 

It was a crazy night, to say the least. Von was hungry again and decided to get a huge, whooping $10 turkey leg. She couldn’t finish it all (which is saying a lot because she loves to eat) and then, we walked around and looked at the animals some more before we left. I think my favorite part was the pig pen. The mom pig was HUGE AS FUCK. I never knew pigs could grow so fucking huge until Saturday. She had four babies. It was adorable. Her babies were being fed while the mom pig was taking a rest. How cute.   

I also saw the fluffiest bunny ever.  

 The hair was so soft, I wanted to take it home with me.

Well, that was our night at the fair on Saturday. This post is getting long, so I better stop there.

Thank you all for reading. Have an ass-kickin’ Tuesday!


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