Deaf Problems/Gains

Deaf Problems #1

Deaf Problems is a series that portrays “problems” a deaf person has to deal with in a comical way. It is not considered an actual problem, but more likely a tendency or an annoyance that a deaf person experiences in their lifetime. Please be aware of the fact this series is not meant to be taken personally/seriously and does not apply to every deaf individual.

Like any other people in this world, we – deaf people – have our own issues, habits, tendencies that are a huge part of us as deaf individuals. The Deaf culture is something I really cherish and I would never change anything about myself as a Deaf person. We have our own struggles and obstacles we face daily, sometimes more than usual. I came up with an idea to make videos that will portray deaf problems as well as gains that we have in this world comically. I hope none of you will take anything I post to heart because my intention is to make people laugh and enjoy the videos I make/will be making, not to offend anybody. I hope you’ll enjoy this first post!

This is the first post of the series, and the title is Paralyzed Nostril. See below for the video, click the link and it will lead you right to YouTube. The version I am using on this blog does not provide access to video posting (what the hell, but whatever). Click below and let me know what you think! Thank you.

Paralyzed Nostril (YouTube Video)

Much love,


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