5-6 Years Later…

Yesterday (Sunday, 12/13/15) was the day my cousin, Anthony and I saw each other after not seeing each other for roughly 5-6 years (that’s forever to me).

Anthony and I were super close and despite being cousins, we felt as if we were brother and sister. When we were kids, we did everything together, pretty much. Unfortunately, I moved up north in Florida and that was the start of our fading relationship. 

To say how thrilled I was when I saw him yesterday would be a huge misunderstatement. No words exist in our known language to accurately describe how I felt when I saw him. It was a surreal moment for me. Family is very important to me and it often saddens me when I sense detachment from family members. I love a close-knitted family and I try my hardest to have everything and everyone close together. Anyway, yesterday was such a great day and we had a wonderful family dinner together. I wish we could do this every single day. I was overwhelmed with being in the moment that I forgot to take a picture with him during the day until my grandpa mentioned it. So glad we managed to squeeze in a couple of pictures together! I took some pictures of him on his bike as well. He rode his bike all the way from Tallahassee whereas his mom rode hers from Sebastian. They’re both crazy, but I love them.

The pictures aren’t great quality-wise, but they do mean a whole lot to me.  


And off they go…….! I’ll miss them. Anthony is such a great guy and I’m proud to have him as my cousin. I hope we’ll be seeing each other more often from now on. Thank you for coming!



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