100 Happy Things


I got encouraged to make my own list of 100 things that make ME happy from Uncustomary. My idea of happiness may not be your idea of happiness and that’s okay. We all have our own things that make us happy. Do more of the things that make you happy. Surround yourself with things and people that/who make you happy. And… fuck the rest. Here’s my list.

  1. The feeling of warmth creeping all over my body as I wrap myself in a blanket when I’m cold.
  2. Days when it’s approximately 73, dry, and breezy. That’s quite rare for Florida and when it happens, the feeling is blissful.
  3. Books that make it difficult to put down. Good books.
  4. Water, allllll day. Everydayyy.
  5. Morning kisses. Afternoon kisses. Evening kisses. Tickle kisses. Neck kisses. Slow kisses. Steamy kisses. Just because kisses. You’re cute kisses. Playful kisses. Sleepy kisses.
  6. Smoothies. Specifically strawberry banana smoothies.
  7. Carrot juices.
  8. Unintentional pictures that turn out to be the best.
  9. Seeing flowers bloom in spring.
  10. Sports. Being involved in leagues.
  11. Breathing consciously.
  12. All things love.
  13. Coffee ice cream, specifically Häagen Dazs.
  14. Real, genuine people.
  15. Sleeping throughout the night without having to take a bathroom break.
  16. Long lucky streaks
  17. Having my windows down while driving.
  18. Organization. Cleanliness. Simplicity.
  19. Good, long conversations that make you think.
  20. Random acts of kindness.
  21. Golden hour’s lighting.
  22. When chocolate chip cookies’ textures, softness, and flavor are on point.
  23. Spending time with the people I love and the people who make me smile and happy.
  24. Poems like Nayyirah Waheed’s.
  25. Self checkouts at grocery stores.
  26. The beach, the waves, the ocean. The overall atmosphere by the water.
  27. The phrase, “Less is more.”
  28. The love that animals give, especially dogs.
  29. Hot showers and hot bubble baths.
  30. Doing/accomplishing something I thought I couldn’t do.
  31. Create & craft.
  32. The sun kissing my skin and radiating warmth throughout my body during the winter days.
  33. Finishing what I started.
  34. Inspirational TED talks.
  35. Thrift stores/finds.
  36. The feeling of long, good head-to-toe stretch after waking up that leaves me feeling my energy shaking/waking throughout my body.
  37. Handwritten letters and homemade gifts.
  38. Doggy smiles.
  39. The first bite of food that’s beyond delicious.
  40. Bowl of Pho Vietnamese restaurant.
  41. My family, VonBon, & Blueberry
  42. The sounds and vision of ocean waves crashing.
  43. Sunsets and sunrises.
  44. Giving random surprises.
  45. The innocent look and bunny moves Von and I make/do to each other.
  46. Freckles. Freckles. Freckles.
  47. Seeing old couples holding hands and sneaking in kisses.
  48. The misty, fresh, untouched air in the early mornings
  49. Taking long strolls outside.
  50. When my mom or Von braids my hair for me after a shower.
  51. Holidays. When I have my own place one day, I will be hosting a bunch of mini holiday get-togethers and game nights. I’m looking forward to it.
  52. When I have earned something that I have worked so hard for.
  53. Meeting like-minded people.
  54. The feeling of clean floor after vacuuming.
  55. Natural lighting in photos that hit the jackpot.
  56. Getting answers right on shows like Family Feud, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Price Is Right, e.t.c.
  57. Interacting people face-to-face and having a real conversation without anyone looking at the phone every minute or so.
  58. My mom’s silky silver hair. There is no other hair on Earth that I love besides my mom’s. So far, for twenty-two years and counting. The best part about it is that it’s completely natural.
  59. Knowing my phone/laptop is fully or nearly charged when I need it for the most.
  60. Comfortable clothes/shoes.
  61. Taking candid pictures of people. Posed pictures are so overrated.
  62. Seeing the stars at nighttime, even though it’s beyond difficult to see here in a city where the street lights are on every corner you see. Tiny specks of stars here and there make me smile.
  63. The smell of a baby’s skin. Baby powder, baby wipes, baby scent.
  64. Blueberry’s sleeping positions and her stretch moves.
  65. Taking a refreshing cold shower during a hot summer day.
  66. Seeing/exploring different places and noticing how people are different than the ones back home.
  67. Finding new people to follow on Instagram with gorgeous photos.
  68. Learning new things about photography and everything else, really.
  69. How I just paid attention to the number I’m on right now, which is 69. How typical.
  70. Now 69 is over, it’s 70. I have a thing with numbers, which lead me to the lottery, and math. I like how I pick the numbers on a lottery ticket based on the vibe it gives me. It doesn’t always give me good luck, but I continue to use the method of choosing the numbers that send good vibes. Call me weird, but math makes me happy. Understanding and solving problems make me happy. It’s been a long time since I did any other type of math besides the everyday/basic math, though…
  71. Dogs sticking their tongue out when they’re sleeping.
  72. Helping my mom advance a level on Candy Crush Soda Saga on her iPad. I get so excited when I advance a level that seemed fucking impossible to beat.
  73. Hearing from a person I have not spoken to in a long time. There’s nothing better than catching up with an oldie.
  74. When my handwriting is on point, which is not often. The days I feel like writing nice are signs of Farrah being super duper happy and patient.
  75. The smell of pine trees.
  76. When my hair suddenly becomes soft and silk in winter. 
  77. The feeling after a fresh hair cut, or fresh trim.
  78. Twirling my hair to entertain myself when the time is slow.
  79. When I think I am out of something, or have lost something, only to see that I still have it/found it.
  80. Slow mornings. Nothing better than waking up and just staying in bed for a little while rather than rushing out of the door.
  81. Changing up my bedroom furniture every now and then.
  82. DIYs that actually turn out great.
  83. Being able to rub my eyes without worrying about makeup smearing.
  84. When I wear no makeup and still feel beautiful.
  85. Watching homemade videos from my childhood.
  86. Random positive affirmations that I’ll see plastered on sidewalks or the walls of buildings.
  87. Home cooked food. It’s almost always better than take-outs.
  88. Seeing faces or familiar shapes in food/drink/random things.
  89. Feeling right at home in someone else’s place rather than feeling full-blown awkward the entire time.
  90. Winning something I never thought I would win.
  91. Applying moisturizer to dry skin or lips and they become soft immediately.
  92. Being bare naked and feeling free.
  93. Clipping nails to my desire length.
  94. Seeing people’s faces glow and their energies high when they talk or mention about something they love or believe in strongly.
  95. Doing pranks (harmless ones) because why not?
  96. Being healthy and being able to have great mobility skills and being aware of and thankful for it.
  97. When the roads are quiet and traffic-free.
  98. Being inspired by something or someone inspiring.
  99. Me. Being happy with myself.
  100. Building things from scratch.

2 thoughts on “100 Happy Things

    1. This means a lot that you took your time to comment on my blog! You’re the first person to have commented on anything. Thank you for making my day! This is going on my happy list on Friday! 🙂


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