My Huge Project: Building A Storage Bed

2016-03-26 15.03.46

Warning: This post may get long – I say may because I am just now starting this post so I don’t know how this post will turn out – and I think it’ll be best if you just skim over this whole thing and check out the pictures throughout this post to see the progress on my storage bed project. If you do read the whole post… a big fucking fabulous, shiny, colorful ‘YOU’RE WONDERFUL’ sticker will be plastered across your forehead. 🙂

To explain how this project came in mind: I have always wanted a storage bed for as long as I can remember. I have been drooling over some storage beds I have seen in person, on Pinterest, or any other sources I stumbled upon. Initially, I debated on whether I should buy a storage bed or build one. I searched for a storage bed for a few weeks and whenever I found the style that did interest me, the quality of it was super cheap. I wanted something that would last me a very long time. I hate shopping, so shopping for beds every 3-5 years would not sit well with me. Therefore, the decision of BUILDING my own storage bed was finalized.

I do not have or own any of the tools necessary to build such a huge thing. However, I DO have access to it. My grandpa has a shed filled with all tools you could ever need at the ready. Since it’s HIS, I had to ask permission. I spoke with him about my idea of building a storage bed. At the time, the idea was too big and instant to take all of it in. My grandpa did try to talk to me out of it, but I stubbornly persisted on making my dreams a reality. This was something that was incredibly important to me and I wanted to build something from my own hands, with some help of course.

Speaking of building something with my own hands, I did have some (one) actual experience with building something from scratch. Early in the year of 2015, I wanted a tea bag dispenser. I love teas and a large amount of tea boxes scattered all over the shelf (it’s an open shelf, so it’s quite visible) in the kitchen. I despise clutter, so this was the perfect idea to have. I craved to have my vision turned into reality. Although, if I could go back and change something during the time when I worked on this project, I would’ve sanded it until it was smooth as a baby’s bottom. I did not sand it at all, so it’s a bit rough. I don’t really mind as it’s not a huge factor in that alone because I don’t really “touch” the box that often. I just pull the tea bag out of the box. I still have it to this day and I still love it. It does work like wonders and makes the room look tidier. Von painted the lotus flower that was painted in white per my request as well as the lines and dots. I painted the moon on one of the sides and the part where it says “tea time” as you can see below:

Processed with Moldiv Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Pretty cool right? I was so proud of the final result and I am pretty damn proud of it still to this day.

Anyway, back to the storage bed project. Nothing was out there right now I could find that could satisfy my type and feel of the bed I wanted. However, some were pretty close but they fucking costed an arm and a leg. I knew I could build it. My vision was too strong to pass up. Eventually, after some strong convincing, grandpa had agreed to help with this project of mine.

To start off, I attempted in drawing a blueprint to have to follow along as we went. Bottom line: That did not work out at all. There was too much for me to think about and too much measuring involved, inside and outside. Nope. Not gonna happen. Therefore, we just built the storage bed as we went along. There was no plan whatsoever. I think it’s best this way, sometime. You don’t always have to have a plan for everything. Just fucking do it and you will learn something, guaranteed.

I have learned a large amount from doing this project. It was a labor of love, that’s for sure. I learned patience, that was one thing. I also learned to appreciate the journey rather than rushing to the finish line. Without the journey, there won’t be a finish line.

I am going to show you the progress of my bed. The pictures that I took were not taken in consecutive days. I will list the dates the pictures were taken on. However, if I were to put all of the days that we worked on the bed together, it took us only 15 days. Not bad, right? Half a month. I only worked on the bed on the weekends or holidays that I had off from work. In reality, I started the bed on Christmas Eve of 2015. The bed was finished by Valentine’s Day of 2016 (what’s with starting and finishing on a holiday? LOL). Two months in the making, that’s not bad either. See below for the entire progress.

Day 1 | December 24, 2015
2016-03-25 21.37.07
We started the project on Christmas Eve, whoo! We went to Lowe’s and got the supplies we need. We finished the day with this. Got our basic foundation down for some parts. I want the bed to be a platform/floating bed, kind of. Some 2×4 was secured on the bottom, so the bed is approximately 2 inches above the floor. Love. We had some issues with the wood being bent. We hadn’t recognized it until I purchased it and brought it home. We managed to make it work, great first day!

Day 2 | December 25, 2015
2016-03-25 23.39.20
Not too much happened on Christmas Day because we wanted to enjoy the holiday with the family. We just added the backboard and the top section. Don’t be fooled, this was time consuming with all of the measuring and cutting.

Day 3 | December 26, 2015
2016-03-25 23.40.12
Made some progress the day after Christmas! Added some dividers and top finish as well as side supports.

Day 4 | December 27, 2015
2016-03-25 23.42.41
Made some minor adjustments and tried to build a drawer and install the drawer sliders. This was the biggest pain in our asses. Drawers require to be precise in measurements to ensure it’s not too tight or too small for the opening. I wanted to give up. This thing was huge too, I should’ve thought about the measurements of the drawers before I started… Sometimes 23 inches sound like 12 inches to me. #lessonlearned

Day 5 | December 31, 2015
2016-03-25 23.43.27
This was New Year’s Eve, obviously. I had some plans this day, so we spent on trying to work the drawers out. See how huge it is compared to my grandpa besides it? I’m so fucking stupid. I told him to forget the drawers overall and to take the sliders out. I decided this storage bed will not have any drawers because it actually takes less space, since I am losing 1 inch of space on each side of the drawer and who wants that? Au revoir, drawers.

Day 6 | January 10, 2016
2016-03-25 23.44.26
I took some time off because I wasn’t feeling well for about a week and did not really consume enough energy to work outside for a while. On this day I was ready to get back to work once again. We decided on some type of “door” to hide the storage, I do not like for stuff to be visible. One step at a time, people.

Day 7 | January 16, 2016
2016-03-25 23.46.27
Silly Farrah. On this day, we started working on the second half of the bed since the first half was nearly done for the most part. It started raining lightly, we rushed to have them covered and remain dry from the rain. You can see the second half in the blue cover. We only did the platform and the 2 inch floating base. We used the waterproof tarps to cover the bed all the time in order to prevent any weather condition affecting them. Water can make wood bend in ways you can not ever imagine (now now, don’t be thinking otherwise there my friend…). 😉

Day 8 | January 17, 2016
2016-03-25 23.47.29
We dove in head-start with the second half of the bed. We kept a great momentum with this second half of the bed since we gained knowledge and knew what we had to do step by step without backing out or analyzing it before doing anything. We had a pretty steady fast pace with this second half. I was so happy to see how quickly this was building up as opposed to the first half.

Day 9 | January 18, 2016
2016-03-25 23.49.07
This is pretty much the same concept of the first half of the bed that we had done. I was so thrilled and couldn’t stop looking forward to the final result. We did the second half smoother and quicker.

Day 10 | January 30, 2016
2016-03-26 09.09.04
I lightly sanded the first half of the bed and installed some door trims, as you can see in the picture on the bottom half. We ran out of trims, so we put this day on hold until the next day.

Day 11 | During the week2016-03-26 09.10.33
I was a little bit disappointed on this day because during the work week prior, my grandpa went ahead and measured the doors and cut the doors to put on the second half for me. I would rather have done it myself or us together. I couldn’t take back what was done, so I had to accept it. He installed the backing on the first half this week also. I took a picture of them on January 31, 2016 before we went any further because I wanted to take a picture of each day’s progress we did.

Day 12 | January 31, 2016
2016-03-26 09.11.41
The trims on the doors have all been installed and completed.

Day 13 | February 13, 2016
2016-03-26 09.13.10
Whoo! The colors have arrived! I painted the insides mint-y greenish. I forgot what was the name of the paint I used and I do not feel like getting up from the couch and look for it because I really have no clue where it could be. I also stained the exterior part of the bed as well as some part on the interior. We used magnets on them all to have the door attach to it. We didn’t need a handle or some type of pulling method to get the door out, it is pretty easy to do so. We are almost done!

Day 14 | February 13, 20162016-03-26 09.14.06
On this day, I focused mostly on staining most of the doors. Staining is so hard, kind of. I tried to be as patient as I could, but it’s not perfect and that’s okay. Strive for progress, not perfection as I always tell myself.

Day 15 | February 14, 2016
2016-03-26 09.15.34
On this day I stained some more doors and painted the inner half of the bed green so the bugs won’t get their grub on the actual wood. This bed was also covered in polyurethane for the final finish on the exterior part. My grandpa inserted the support on the top for the bed. This bed is all set to go! We are finally done! This was such a great feeling to have, to finish what I have started.

The bed was moved into my bedroom on Sunday the 21st. My cousin and my uncle brought them in for me. We all assisted a little, but the space to get through places were too tight for four people. Two people had to lift this heavy, HEAVY bed. I believe each half of the bed had to weight approximately close to 300 lbs, with a total of about 600 lbs for the bed. Fucking heavy, but it’s going to last me a LONG LONG TIME. I am so happy! Here is what it looks like in my bedroom and with the stuff all stored inside, out of dust bunnies, out of sight, and out of mind!

This is the biggest project I’ve ever done to date. I’m pretty proud of it. I do have to thank my grandpa for lending a helping hand (or two) and my mom and Von for painting some parts of the bed, as well as my cousin and uncle who carried the bed into my bedroom and made it happen.

Projects don’t always give you the result you envisioned in your head. For instance, this bed is pretty high. I did over measure it, but it’s not too high in that I cannot get on whatsoever, so I am forgiving of it. I made mistakes (too many) and I will continue to learn and do better next time. Maybe a decade later, I’ll be making another set of storage bed. 🙂 For now, I am going to enjoy it and be grateful for all of the space I have in it.

P.S. I completely forgot to take a before picture and I really wished I would have, but I didn’t. OH well. This will have to do! I like how imperfect the bed looks, too. Perfection is sooooooo boring, am I rite?! Am I rite? Yes. I know you agree. *inserts winky tongue-out face emoji*

Hard work does pay off.
Now where’s my  Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream?

Peace and love,


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